About Us


  • 1920-1960In 20th of the last century Mr. Gustav Altmann founded the Hansa-Motorenfabrik in Hamburg / Bahrenfeld. The number of employees grew quickly in the first few years. In the 50s and 60s the company employed almost 1.000 workers.
  • 1969Renaming into the Hansa-Motoren Reparaturbetrieb GmbH.
  • 1970Mr. Jörg Altmann became CEO of the Hansa-Motoren Reparaturbetrieb GmbH. The company focused on repairing electrical machines and the construction of custom machines.
  • 2000Mr. Andreas Beyer took over the Hansa-Motoren Reparaturbetrieb GmbH as new owner and CEO.
  • 2003Move into the new office building and the new workshop in Schenefeld / Hamburg.
  • 2004The workshop was extended by 800 m².
  • 2012Increase of the office building with a 3rd floor.
  • 2016Karl Kommissari takes over Hansa-Motoren Reparaturbetrieb GmbH as new main shareholder and CEO.